Empower Testers to Manage Test Runs Progress more Effectively

Gain a clear picture of the Software Testing Process by executing test runs with related test cases

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Assist Testers in Achieving Quality Results

Take great advantages of our perks to save time of testing and well-managed of test runs execution
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Focus on Test Execution

Enhance test run efficiency and get faster completion by continuously and visually conducting test case executions

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Flexible Test Case Adjustment

Tailor your test run to meet specific requirements by easily editing and handpicking the appropriate test cases

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Clear-tracking Results

Gain a direct and informative view of reports allow testing team to enter and track results with ease

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Rich Reports

Iverse testing results and reports chart enable testers with meaningful insight for next improvements

Improve Testing Progress with Critical Functions Designed for Testers

Deliver high efficiency, testing enhancement and time saving utilities to elevate your testing process

Create Test Run

Easily create test run with any test cases followed by testing requirements

  • Define test run name
  • Choose all available test cases
  • Choose specific test cases
  • Describe test run information
Executive Test Run

Execute each test run to ensure quality of product follow each testing progress

  • Define test cases status
  • Describe Actual Results
  • Add proofs when execute test cases
  • Import result of automation tests to QAlify system
Real-time Reporting

Receive test results immediately after each test case is completed

  • Visualize reports with Pie Chart
  • Rich Status Results and results summary for deeper insights
  • Full Test Run History for better tracking
Rerun Failed Tests

Select failed test cases from conducted test run to re-execute and achieve updated results

  • Manual retest with test run creation
Save Testing Time with Automated Tools

Our API enables connectivity with automated testing tools, enabling the consolidation of test results and streamlining the software testing process

CI/CD Integration