Accelerate your Testing Process with Test Automation tools

Import files to automatically submit result, monitor process and gather reports for test issues with CI/CD Integrations and developer tools

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Help testers achieve better testing result

Combine the finest advantages of automation features to create an efficient testing process
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Increase Test Coverage

Reveal hidden issues and assess software functionality by automatically executing complex test cases

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Improve Testing Accuracy

Execute the same testing steps with precision and consistently record results during every automated test run

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Enable Reusability

Effortlessly reuse and (re)run test cases as needed using no-code test automation

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Offer Scalability

Easily scale up the testing process without requiring human involvement

Make your Testing Process become advanced with QAlify

Deliver capabilities designed to elevate your team's testing performance

Automation workflow

Automate the entire workflow of test plan and deliver reports with

  • Define trigger and conditions for automate test steps
  • Automate testing process
  • Report with errors -> Re-test
  • Report done
Automation Test Runs

Automate the entire process of executing test cases with no human-errors

  • Import Test Results
  • Input commands
Rerun failed test with Automation

Save time and manual efforts of rerun failed test cases by

  • Select Failed Test Cases from reports
  • Press Re-run button for automatically execution
Advance your Testing productivity with Integrations

Leverage the benefits of popular integrations to make your testing process faster and more efficient

CI/CD Integration
Test Framework Integration
Productivity Platform Integration